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Ashtanga Yoga (sold out)

by Lies Mensink

Ashtanga Yoga Amsterdam by Lies Mensink

We use our theater for movement: whether it be movement of our bodies, our minds, our artists, our audiences, our practices. At this moment artists are working in our space and from February on we hope to organize some public programs again. In the meantime we thought of starting up a movement class again. This movement class is not an answer to using the theater as a gym, but as a follow up on the movement classes we earlier provided like the Chi-Kung classes of Jon Silber or the movement classes of our House Artist ROTOR. This time we highlight a course of our colleague from the office! In five sessions Lies Mensink will take us along in Ashtanga Yoga!

About Ashtanga Yoga
Ashtanga Yoga is a dynamic and athletic yoga form, in which you move in an energetic flow and continuously follow the breath. In Ashtanga Yoga there is a set sequence of postures (asana’s) that change and move with the count of breath, there are specific gazing points and energetic focus points that become anchors in this practice and invite you to turn inward. Many fall for Ashtanga Yoga for its physical benefits as it makes you both strong and flexible. Great for your “how to survive a pandemic toolbox”, but the physical practice is only one of the eight limbs that make up Ashtanga (‘eight limb’) Yoga. 

This beginners course offers an introduction into the practice of Ashtanga Yoga. In 5 vinyasa style led classes you will get a taste of the building blocks that together make up this dynamic yoga form. Never practiced yoga in your life; stiff as a board; or recovering from an injury? Don’t worry: yoga is for everyone. As no body is the same the practice will be adjusted to personal needs. These classes are configured as a 5 sessions course, so please commit to all sessions.

24 January 2022

19:00 — 20:15

31 January 2022

19:00 — 20:15

7 February 2022

19:00 — 20:15

14 February 2022

19:00 — 20:15

21 February 2022

19:00 — 20:15

These classes are configured as a 5 sessions course, so please commit to all sessions.

Price: €25 for five sessions.

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