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Update March 10X10

19 March 2020

‘Hope is an embrace of the unknown’

Rebecca Solnit

We hope this message finds you well and in good health. 


We are grateful for all the solidarity and support. We notice it online, but also in response and support of artists, audiences and colleagues we’ve been in contact with. We are aware that so many people in our community are suffering because of the unforeseen repercussions due to Covid-19, be it financially, mentally or because of the inability to visit your (vulnerable) loved ones. Let’s hear each other and support each other as best as we can. Our heart goes out to all the people affected during this time.


Our 10-day program in March was supposed to depart from the idea of Discourse. We wanted to use discourse as a launch pad, using the theatre as a space of exchange and reciprocity. Because of the current developments we had to cancel. But we would like to keep in touch with you and continue to exchange in adaptive ways. We would like to continue to transfer ideas, to share resources, share knowledge and engage in collective care. Check out the website and social media for updates about our improvised activities. We will use the social networks as a solidarity network, a place to come together or share knowledge.

Take care! 

Team Veem House