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10X10 Day House. Ten stories of Veems Future.

24 September 2019

Ten times, spread throughout the season and the city, we will manifest ourselves as the house for Dance and Performance in Amsterdam – for its artists, for its audiences, for Amsterdam and for the international community. As a follow-up of the 100 Days statement and the desire to be present all year in the future. 

The first 10 days will run 14 through 23 November 2019, when we will be showing work by Paula Chaves, Ogutu Muraya and Anne Lise le Gac, among others. 

The 100 Day House is – as you are probably aware – a statement, an enforced action through which we want to reveal a problem. We have been able to move and touch a lot. We’ve also had to let some things go. During the past two editions we connected, investigated and entered into dialogue with our audience. There is a great demand for continuity, commitment, community, care and solidarity.

The 10 times 10 days as a way of investigating what a House for Dance and Performance can be, now and in the future. In this time – but also in this place. What is this house in relation to the changing city? How can we be even more of a house/home, as well as a place where talent can develop? 

Each ten days will have its own particular perspective, as well as some of the regular ingredients you can expect from Veem House. We show artists and developments that are important to Veem House for Performance, now and in the future. We work with various co-curators, including affiliated partners and artists. Together, we create space for imagination, interaction and discourse. 

The first 10 days will run 14 – 23 November 2019.

We look forward to welcoming you back to our House very soon.