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10X10 March: discourse

24 February 2020

From the 19th to the 28th of March, our 10X10 program will depart from the idea of Discourse. In March we propose to use discourse as a launch pad, to go beyond discussions and towards manifestation, using the theatre as a space of exchange and reciprocity. With a special interest in “doing discourse”, we will offer constellations that propose to think together through doing as well as events that allow a deeper dive into a subject. Including workshops, a temporary choir, lectures, reading groups and an intergenerational conversation over distance.

We are thrilled to have contributors: Pascal Gielen, Samara Hersch, ARIAS, Margo van de Linde (Subculture Cabaret), Chris Tonelli, and a text by Ogutu Muraya for a reading group.

We hope you will join us in purposeful moments to think together, and to join arms with partners in the city who concern themselves with discursive exchange. 

About 10X10

Ten times, spread throughout the season and the city, we will manifest ourselves as the house for Dance and Performance in Amsterdam – for its artists, for its audiences, for Amsterdam and for the international community. As a follow-up of the 100 Days statement and the desire to be present all year in the future. 

Each ten days will have its own particular perspective, as well as some of the regular ingredients you can expect from Veem House. We show artists and developments that are important to Veem House for Performance, now and in the future. We work with various co-curators, including affiliated partners and artists. Together, we create space for imagination, interaction and discourse.