OUR HOUSE by Mime graduation directed by Boogaerdt|VanderSchoot

15 – 19 June 2016, 20.30

Mime graduation

Mime graduation directed by Boogaerdt|VanderSchoot




Petra Eikelenboom


Elias De Bruyne, Erwin Dörr, Gale Rama, Loes Schaap, Anton van der Sluis, and Ritzah Statia


Suzanne Kortbeek

Production asistance

Emma Boots & Noor Driessen


Geert Oddens & Paul Bruinsma

Costume design

Erik Bosman & Karin van der Leeuw

Sound design

Wessel Schrik

Set design

John Thijssen

Thanks to

Wikke van Houwelingen, Axel Dikkers, Anke Wirken, Frits van Driel, Hannah van Tassel, and IJsbrand van Veelen

Made possible by

Ro Theater

Heimat ist nicht nur ein Wort

A diorama in which objects are particularly ordered to present a certain reality. A stuffed fox with a rabbit in its mouth. A man repairing something. His wife baking pancakes at the stove. The room contains objects that are typical fort he are. In this museum-like setting we see ‘Western’ people in their habitat. 


Suzan Boogaerdt & Bianca van der Schoot, both graduated from the Mime Academy in Amsterdam, founded theatre collective Boogaerdt|VanderSchoot in 2001. They depart from a philosophical and political issue in their creative process, and share their confusion about it with the viewer. With their serie of performances Visual Statements producing: BIMBO, SMALL WORLD, Spectaculaire Voorstelling and Hideous (Wo)men (in collaboration with Susanne Kennedy and awarded with the VSCD Mime prijs), they gained a unique position in the Dutch theatre scene.