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Charlotte Gillain

Residency October/November 2021

During a two-week residency at Veem House, Charlotte Gillain wants to explore how a body can house multiple identities. She makes an attempt to approach the image of what a person ‘should’ be more fluidly. How can you, bit by bit, let go of ownership of your own identity? How can you create space for a certain polyphony, ambiguity and inconsistency?

About Charlotte Gillain

Charlotte Gillain has had a great fascination for making, moving and performing from an early age. After a short visit to the Bachelor of Dance in Education at ArtEZ, she quickly found her place at the Mime School in Amsterdam. There she was not only able to develop her movement quality and her performance skills, but she also became a passionate maker. Here she could finally combine her fascination for playing, moving and making. As a maker, she is intrigued by transformation and has a great predilection for the existential.

Charlotte is originally from Kalmthout (a small village next to Antwerp), but has been living in Amsterdam for a number of years. She would like to build a bridge between the Dutch mime and the Belgian theater field. In recent years she has collaborated or performed with makers such as: Het Houten Huis, Davy Pieters, Francesca Lazzeri, Schippers&VanGucht, Fabian Santarciel de la Quintana and Boogaerdt/Vanderschoot.

Photo: Bas de Brouwer

Charlotte Gillain’s residency was made possible by GREENHOUSE and the ‘Nieuwe makers covid-19 scheme’ of Fonds Podiumkunsten.

Works by Charlotte Gillain