GREENHOUSE is a development network initiated by BAU Platform for Dance and Performance, Boogaerdt/VanderSchoot, Keren Levi | NeverLike, Nicole Beutler Projects and Veem House for Performance. The network aims a healthy ecosystem for dance, performance and mime in Amsterdam, so that artists stemming from these disciplines can flourish.

In GREENHOUSE we join forces to create the support network that’s needed for artists to take root, simmer, grow and flower within the artistic environment of the city. We strive to initiate and reflect on new work, offer residencies, organize workshops and gatherings like COME TOGETHER and GARDENING.

GREENHOUSE is all about sharing connections, facilities, ideas and expertise. Together we claim time and space for unexpected encounters, exploration and experimentation


GARDENING is a one-week creative incubator in which four dance/mime/performance artists are given the opportunity to simmer and grow new ideas alongside each other. They are given a studio space while being actively coached by professionals in the field. GARDENING is about planting new seeds, making, meeting, feeding, growing, sharing and cross pollinating each other’s worlds. 

GARDENING #2 | 26 May – 4 June 2022
Participating artists: Marijn Brussaard, Revé Terborg, Karina Villafan and Marcin Kaminski. More info soon.

GARDENING #1 (pilot) | 5 – 10 April 2021
Participating artists: Keerthi Basavarajaiah, Sofie Kramer, Lucinda Wessels and Niek Vanoosterweyck. Read more…


Four times a year, once per season, GREENHOUSE organizes THE GREENERY. During THE GREENERY people working in the Mime, Dance and Performance field gather for an evening of exchange and inspiration. An evening where we share and create discours around relevant topics, where there’s space to open up and reflect on artistic practices. THE GREENERY is a place for deepening and allowing ideas to ferment and sprout – guided each time by the changing seasons.

Each session is based on the current concerns of one of the GREENHOUSE

GREENERY #3 | 7 June 2022
Theme: to be confirmed.
Hosted by Keren Levi

GREENERY #2 | 16 November 2021
Theme: The end of the world as we know it
Hosted by Nicole Beutler
Read more…

GREENERY #1 | 14 September 2021
Theme: Sleep
Hosted by Boogaerdt/VanderSchoot
Read more…


COME TOGETHER is a artistic gathering that aims to create space for experiment and exchange. By generating opportunities to grow together, these three days contribute to a fertile breeding ground for the Amsterdam performance, dance and mime scene. COME TOGETHER is not a festival in the classical sense of the word. Rather than presenting finished pieces, it provides a platform for all forms of sharing: works-in-process, experiments, performance excerpts, installations, talks and workshops.

The format of COME TOGETHER is fine-tuned every year and different ways of selecting and producing are discussed. We like to keep the structure open to monitor its urgency and to keep questioning ourselves critically.

Last edition the program was “chain curated”: The five GREENHOUSE partners and one guest curator started this chain by inviting one artist who then invites another artist and so on, in order to arrive at a complete and diverse program.

For more information about COME TOGETHER click here.


WE LIVE HERE is the yearly summer academy by which we propose time for experimentation, research and reflection. Every summer, at the end of the season, we gather a (small) temporary community of professionals in the performing arts and beyond to work and think together.

WE LIVE HERE is a GREENHOUSE project, produced by Nicole Beutler Projects.

In 2022 WE LIVE HERE takes place from 11-15 July. More info soon.

In 2021 WE LIVE HERE took place from 5 – 9 July. Read more…


Performances that are supported by GREENHOUSE:

Body Drift – Mami Kang
Premiere: July 2022
Read more…

An attendee – Antonia Steffens
Premiere: November 2020
Read more…