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THE GREENERY: The end of the world as we know it

with Nicole Beutler and guests

Four times a year, once a season, GREENHOUSE organizes THE GREENERY; a salon style evening with lectures, conversations and dialogue. The fall edition will be hosted by Nicole Beutler. Since she’s working on RITUALS OF TRANSFORMATION there is a natural overlap with the autumn season and concepts of change, farewell and letting go.

Autumn brings an end to the season of growth. What was built up in the Summer is gathered and utilized in the Autumn. Leaves, fruits and seeds are full of potential the moment they hit the earth. Dying in order to support growth – dying as part of a cycle.

​​In the coming years, choreographer and theater maker Nicole Beutler will only be making work about the climate crisis. “Our living world is changing and we will have to relate to it.” Under the title RITUALS OF TRANSFORMATION (towards a new humanity), she is working on three big stage productions that each highlight a different phase of the upcoming change – in search of a new balance between humans, animals, thing and nature.

In GINKGO or 56 years ago there were palm trees on the North Pole (the first part of the trilogy) we say goodbye to the world as we know it. Our world is crumbling and endangered. Let’s imagine everything around us disappearing, not only the insects, and bees but also the objects and constructions we have built. Let’s also imagine humanity disappearing.

In the research preceding and during the creation process we deepen our understanding of the Buddhist concept of impermanence, the art of letting go. We are facing our fear; is this the end of the world? How does the Anthropocene come to an end? Will humanity disappear?

During this GREENERY we would like to learn more about apocalyptic thinking related to the climate crisis and to religion. And we would like to organize a collective meditation in which we learn to let go of our fears, live a lighter life because we understand the impermanence of everything – including ourselves and humanity. So we invited Eric Soyeux to guide us through a meditation. To reflect on the end of the world as we know it, to feel our understanding of this potential ending, to be able to let go of the fear that is accompanying us.

About Eric Soyeux
Eric Soyeux started in 1984 enthusiastically with his study and practice of Tibetan Buddhism. He has received numerous teachings from teachers from this tradition including Sogyal Rinpoche and Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche. He is co-founder of a number of Buddhist organisations, like f.e. the Buddhist Union of the Netherlands, and has also worked for years as a Buddhist counsellor in prisons employed by the Dutch Department of Justice.

In 2009 he left for the south of France to complete a three-year retreat in a Buddhist monastery. After completing this retreat he started, besides his activity as Dharma teacher in buddhist circles, to give training in mindfulness and meditation in the business world, healthcare and education and helps now people from all walks of life to live life with less stress and more meaning and well-being (

16 November 2021

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Four times a year, once per season, GREENHOUSE organizes THE GREENERY. During THE GREENERY people working in the Mime, Dance and Performance field gather for an evening of exchange and inspiration. An evening where we share and create discours around relevant topics, where there’s space to open up and reflect on artistic practices. THE GREENERY is a place for deepening and allowing ideas to ferment and sprout – guided each time by the changing seasons.

Each session is based on the current concerns of one of the GREENHOUSE partners.


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