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Marijn Brussaard, Revé Terborg, Karina Villafan, Marcin Kamiński

GARDENING is a one-week creative incubator in which four dance/mime/performance artists are given the opportunity to simmer and grow new ideas alongside each other. They are given a studio space while being actively coached by professionals in the field. GARDENING is about planting new seeds, making, meeting, feeding, growing, sharing and cross pollinating each other’s worlds.

GARDENING #2 kicks off on May 26th and ends with four public sharings on Saturday June 4th. Participating artists are Marijn Brussaard, Revé Terborg, Karina Villafan and Marcin Kamiński. They will be coached by Eva Villanueva (artistic coordinator BAU). Read below for more information about the makers and the themes they will focus on during GARDENING.

Important info
GARDENING starts with two showings at BAU and continues at Veem House where we will enjoy a bowl of soup + bread before we watch the last two showings.

So please be aware that this event starts at 17h00 at BAU (Entrepotdok 4, 1018 AD Amsterdam) and ends at around 20h00 at Veem House (Van Diemenstraat 408-410, 1013 CR Amsterdam).

As public transport between the two locations takes some time, we advise you to come on bike.

GARDENING is a GREENHOUSE project, produced by Nicole Beutler Projects and Veem House for Performance.

3 June 2022

17:00 — 20:00
€ 7.50
sold out

4 June 2022

17:00 — 20:00
€ 7.50
incl. soup + bread

About Marijn Brussaard

Multidisciplinary artist Marijn Brussaard works with performance, (video-)installation, music and sound-design. He graduated in 2014 with a BA in performance at the Amsterdam School of the Arts (Mime department). Marijn is a versatile all-rounder – conceptually and musically driven with a strong associative quality.

He researches and reflects on the theatrics of modern-day phenomena, and finds that the tension and drama often lie in the inconsistencies and paradoxes of these subjects. His work can be described as form-experiments that are often poetic, humorous or absurd by nature. The contrasts between what is real and synthetic or hyperreal are a recurrent theme in his work.

Marijn Brussaard

About Revé Terborg

Revé Terborg is an Amsterdam based artist working in the international dance-, fashion- and film industry. After her finishing her Bachelor Dance at the Amsterdam School of the Arts, Revé toured around the world with several dance/physical theater productions such as Anatomica #1&3 by DanceWorksRotterdam/André Gingras and What The Body Does Not Remember by UltimaVez/Wimvandekeybus.

Revé brings two cultures together in her transcendent Energy Movement dance trips: The Dutch electronic rave scene, and traditional Surinam dance ceremonies. During GARDENING she further explores how she can host these transcendent dance trips as a playground for the audience to take action in, move, and dance around. 

Through dance we face our blockages, move through and with them. We can connect with the sphere that connects all of us with every living part of this planet. How can we use dance music to create worlds that inspire us to take better care of ourselves and our environment?

Revé Terborg

About Karina Villafan

Karina Villafan is an artist from Rio de Janeiro city, based in Amsterdam. She’s a Choreography graduate from SNDO (School for New Dance Development and works as a choreographer and performer. 

During GARDENING Karina will further explore her practice of mixing sound, storytelling, and movement. Using a DJ set, a loop station and her voice, she intends to create possible landscapes and beats, which can hold the experience of the stories she shares.

As an artist I like to explore what I call ‘twisted entertainment’, the playing of conventions and formats with a humoristic and ironic approach on the surface in order to create space for criticism on a deep level.

Karina Villafan

About Marcin Kamiński

Marcin Kamiński is a multimedia artist living in Amsterdam. In his work small events initiated ad hoc that he explores in everyday situations are a gateway to define a relationship with the viewer. He is fascinated by the creating act itself concocting a situation that has an element of anecdote, humour and philosophical parable. 

Marcin studied Social Sciences at the University of Warsaw and Fine Arts at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie.

“I am interested in observing current social phenomena and tracking the way we process them through our mind and body. How what is happening politically and socially changes us and how we adapt to these changes. The current political situation in Europe might influence the way we perceive the role and the forms of art. What is our artistic response? What might be its form? What new things can it bring to the way we look at art and how to play with it?”

Marcin Kaminski


GREENHOUSE is a development network initiated by BAU Platform for Dance and PerformanceBoogaerdt/VanderSchootKeren Levi | NeverLikeNicole Beutler Projects and Veem House for PerformanceThe network aims a healthy ecosystem for dance, performance and mime in Amsterdam, so that artists stemming from these disciplines can flourish.

In GREENHOUSE we join forces to create the support network that’s needed for artists to take root, simmer, grow and flower within the artistic environment of the city. Over the next four years, we strive to initiate and produce new work, offer residencies and internships, organize workshops, talks, summer schools and festivals.

GREENHOUSE is all about sharing connections, facilities, ideas and expertise. Together we claim time and space for unexpected encounters, exploration and experimentation.