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Open Studio with Billy Mullaney

Billy Mullaney is currently in residency in Veem House to continue his research for Never Never Never Ever Never Never Ever Never Ever Ever EVER Ever EVER Give Up Unless It Gets Too Hard 2. This upcoming performance consists of filming and editing a promotional trailer for the performance itself. A crew painstakingly sets up a pre-scripted series of shots onstage, records them, and delivers the footage to an editor who assembles the trailer live. 

NNNENNENEEEEEGUUIG2H2 responds to (by playing along with) the labor obligatorily required to generate online presence and outreach. The piece was inspired by the ways in which we curate and perform flattering versions of ourselves online, through social media platforms and beyond. 

A spiritual predecessor of the work was devised at Das Arts, where Billy was selected as a finalist for the AHK graduation prize. That work was presented at Veem House for Performance as well as selected for both Spoormakers Festival and Makersdag at Het Huis Utrecht.

NNNENNENEEEEEGUUIG2H2 is scheduled to premiere in Spring 2022.

This event forms part of a co-curation between Veem House and in-disciplinary platform TILT. Other events that are also part of this co-curation:
Open Studio: How To Exit a Reality with with Andrea Božić and Julia Willms on the 6th and 7th of July.
Unverifiable Realities with artists Tom K Kemp, Tchelet Pearl Weisstub and Clara Garcia Fraile on the 9th and 10th of July.

8 July 2021

€ 5

About Billy Mullaney

Billy Mullaney (USA) is an Amsterdam-based theater artist and performer. A recent graduate from DAS Theater, he has a background in devised theater, circus, and performance art. Billy’s work often foregrounds the physical impact of movement and thought on the body, indexing the stakes of adhering too closely or successfully to logics such as the attention economy or post-fordist production. His work has sampled forms such as children’s television shows, quantum physics lectures, promotional trailers, and tarot readings.


Billy Mullaney
Ruth Borg, Laura Boser, Elliot Dehaspe, Maja Grzeczka, Tom de Ronde
Co-produced by

TILT & Veem House for Performance
Made possible by
Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds and The Life Long Burning Network supported by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union

About Open Studio

Take part in the research of emerging performance makers!

Are you curious about the creation processes of emerging performance makers? During Open Studio you can get a glimpse into artists work and processes as they develop. We open our doors to the beautiful and vulnerable process of creation, and invite you to take part in an exchange in an open and informal environment. As each artist engages with different thematics, particular questions and has a specific artistic practice, no Open Studio is alike.

Join artists in their research, and in it maybe find something out about yourself as well. No special knowledge is required, your curiosity is more than enough.

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