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Sharing Practices: How do you organise your practice?

Artists’ practices often extend far beyond the artwork to the work of art; creating work methods, collectives, support structures, codes of conduct, work protocols, galleries/theatres, infrastructures that enable and often reinvent working and presenting. Artists are often seeking new ways to engage with the market or even to enlarge their market; finding strategies to change, or rethink existing structures in order to develop a sustainable practice. But, how?

For one afternoon, on the 20th of November, Veem House invites artists partaking in the November program to share their formats, work processes, and challenges over two unique workshops by Jija Sohn, Simon van Schuylenbergh & Rosie Sommers and a panel talk led by Marga Kroodsma. There will also be a representative from the AFK present who it will be possible to have a 15 minute speed date with, via a sign up.

We want to expand our understanding and knowledge of how artists interact with current systems in place and how these work structures combine interests or networks that reflect their values. What are these working methods created in support of, or in response to? 

Who is this day for?

This workshop day is especially for artists working in the performing arts field: the field of dance, mime, performance and disciplines yet to be named. 

We invite you to the following program (times and order to be announced on the day itself):

20 November 2021

13:00 — 18:00
€ 15
incl. snacks


This event is made possible by the Life Long Burning Network supported by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

Click here for the current COVID-19 regulations.

Simon Van Schuylenbergh/Rosie Sommers

Simon Van Schuylenbergh/Rosie Sommers will open the lid on their initiative, Ne Mosquito Pas, an ongoing practice and episodic sharing of artists interpretations of failure. Simon and Rosie will guide us through the origins of this practice and how it is implemented – why did they start it and what are the values at their core? How do they organise themselves as a collective? The vibrant Ne Mosquito Pas evening itself can be visited in the flesh on the 19th November at Veem at 20:00, presented in collaboration with De Brakke Grond.

Jija Sohn

If we are to continue working as artists, as human beings we have to come together and search for more sustainable ways to be, to create, to collaborate and to share our perspective with others – the question is how? I started from this question which is so primary but super important for me. What part of myself do I want to have acknowledged and bring to the world? In this workshop I will share how I have translated needs, wishes and artistic work through production strategies, building trust amongst my team as well as building relationships with potential partners based on trust rather than an exchange of products – with a common thread that almost all the work I do is about the study of being in relation. This workshop will blend practical methods with the values which support them.

Jija’s performance Lands of Concert can be seen at Veem House on November 23 and 24.

Working collectively independent

It’s not new that independent artists collectivize or find ways to share spaces and resources. Despite it not being new, artist organisation is always changing, let’s learn from each other and dive into some examples. There are challenges to be learned from working collaboratively for example, what are new ways of working collectively? What are the challenges encountered and what is the potential for collective working? Can we change the funding bodies to make it more accessible to work and share resources such as space, expertise, labour, skills instead of everyone needing to have their own foundation?

In this panel talk three artists share their experiences and exchange with the participants of the workshops.

15 minutes of Veem

After a successful try-out in 2020, we will again organise special 15-minute sessions with Jolanda Brils of Amsterdam Fund for the Arts (AFK). Jolanda will be present for workshop participants to meet for 15mins throughout the afternoon of the 20th. Any artist attending the workshop, with a plan, idea, question or concept is welcome to talk about it! 

These short conversations are an accessible way to start a conversation. To become more familiar or acquainted with grant applications. Feel free to share any thoughts, no matter how unfinished or far advanced they are. Formulating your question or concept and talking about it might help you along in the process. In order to sign up, please send us an email after you’ve purchased your ticket.