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Anthony van Gog

Anthony van Gog_Veem House_Amsterdam

After his composition Heartscore, Anthony van Gog is working on a new physical performance. Inspired by Julia Kristeva’s notion of abjection, Anthony once again challenges our perception of the body. During this residency, he researches violence and aggression as an aspect of abjection. How can the body play with this energy? And how can it be translated to movement? Join his research during Open Studio on the 7th of April 2022!

About Anthony van Gog

The Belgium-based performance maker Anthony van Gog is a graduate of the Performance Study of the Theater Academy in Maastricht (2019). After creating two ‘physical scores’, together with Maarten Heijnens, Breathing Piece (2019) and the subsequent Heartscore (2021), Anthony will focus on creating solo work during this residency. In his solo work, the experience of transgression is centralised and depicted by the body.

He is interested in the human figure through the mutation of physical appearance. By removing the ‘human’ from the body, we are left with its matter, its flesh, its bones, its form – this remnant, this vessel, this clay, is his medium. Questions like ‘where does the body stop being human?’ and ‘where does it become unknown to us?’ precede his practice. Rather than questioning our humanity through socio-political reasoning, he questions it in a material sense by exposing the dehumanized body thus enacting it transgressively.

The research for Crowdkill by Anthony van Gog was made possible by DansBrabant, Veem House for Performance and Fonds Podiumkunsten (Nieuwe Makers Covid-19 scheme).

Works by Anthony van Gog